About Johannes

Johannes was born in Austria to a broken family tainted by drugs and alcohol. At the age of 4, he moved to Sweden and began living the typical Scandinavian lifestyle. Then at the age of 17 everything changed, and he became a Christian. Immediately he began preaching the gospel.

Today Johannes is an international evangelist who preaches to hundreds of thousands a people a year. From festivals in Africa to leadership training in America his message is the same, “we’re called to live the book of Acts.”

Johannes has also authored several books and loves to blog about his latest travels and revelations from the Holy Spirit.

Early in his walk with Christ he began studying and it was then in 1990 he fell in love with Maria.

Meet the Amritzers

She was born and raised in Månsarp, southern Sweden, where they were they would be married years later. Maria works as a nurse and loves her job. Together they have enjoyed traveling the world enjoying each others company. They have three children, Alicia, Adam, and their adopted son Reza. All serving Jesus living to see the kingdom of God expressed on earth.

One of the biggest decisions Johannes and Maria have made was in 1996 when they felt the Holy Spirit leading them to start Mission SOS.

This decision would shape the rest of their lives.

SOS. More than a ministry. A family.

Serving as the apostolic leaders of the ministry, SOS has expanded beyond signs and wonders festivals. Now with over 600 churches and offices worldwide, SOS is looking to change the world.

Although Johannes travels a lot, his close relationship to the church members is unmistakable. When Johannes and Maria enter SOS Church Stockholm, there seems to be no end to the hugs and kisses on people’s cheeks. The family lifestyle is how SOS does ministry.

Johannes and Maria lead people to Jesus, baptize newly saved Christians, train disciples and mentor the pastoral team. Much of this happens around their kitchen table in Tullinge, a suburb in southern Stockholm. Johannes writes on his blog: “Stockholm is the city of my life’s calling and that’s where I want to live, serve Jesus, wash the people’s feet and one day also die, happy and content…