We are in the middle of summer and so much exciting is happening through and in our church! Larger teams than ever are experiencing the adventure in the African capital cities and we are invading Stockholm’s parks and open spaces with a warm loving Jesus-gospel! Just imagine what we get to achieve together!

Don’t forget our faith goals for 2016!

Here is a little thinker as foundation for our teaching and preaching series during July. As you might have understood already, we are trying to systematically use the entire Bible when we preach and teach in SOS Church Stockholm. We spend about as much time in the Old as in the New Testament. My goal is to over a period of three years go through all the books of the Bible. We want our disciples to have a strong, solid Biblical foundation.

Theme for July: Adrenaline – Supernatural Surprises and Miracles in Every Day Life!

We will study the book of Daniel together as foundation for this month’s theme. The book is about the Jewish Prophet Daniel and his friends after they arrive as prisoners of war from Israel to Babylon about 606 BC. The regime tries to brain wash, convert and re-educate the young Jews, but they do not succeed.

These brilliant Jews gain influence instead and receive leading positions, not just in Babylon, butt later in Persia and more of the coming kingdoms. They refuse to compromise with their kosher rules, worship idols or be part of personal or emperor-cults. God constantly rescues them from persecution through miracles and peculiar signs and wonders. They continue to climb the career-ladder in their different work- and social skills through an amazing God-given favor.

They read dreams, visions and writing. They are rescued from a burning furnace, Daniel from a lion’s den and they later have angelic visitations about world-political happenings. At the least, their life is full of adrenaline with alot of supernatural surprises and miraculous Godly interference.

– The book is about how God rewards humbleness and no compromise.

– The book is about how God faithfully answers prayer and judges injustice and pride.

– The book is about how God reacts in world politics and at last controls both the fate of the rulers and the nations.

– The book is about the End Times and is oddly connected to the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

– The book is also about how the Prophet Daniel and his friends succeed with the hard task of being priests, spiritual guides and compasses for those who did not yet share their faith. By their life style they succeed to win over several people of leadership to actually start to believe in the God of Israel. They are political advisers and spiritual guides in very questionable environments, but without compromising.

I am praying for us all as we unwearied and determined continue to make disciples of the Stockholmers. Your Bible studies and preparations are so important for our church’s spiritual growth and maturity.

See ya!

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