Since there are so many of our team members going with us to the African capital cities that will preach in our partner churches in Africa I have put together a simple sermon-guide or blueprint. I hope this will help you in your preparations:

1. Through prayer and with the help of the Holy Spirit, choose a “Jesus text” from one of the 4 gospels.

2. Choose a title or theme. Should be short. A title that people will remember and that is repeated throughout the message. Title should be 1-3 or at most 5 words.

3. A fun/humurous introductiont hat introduces yourself. Have your audience laugh. Win hearts!

4. Read the text and and comment the context.

5. A good parable/picture/illustration in line with the theme. A scripture that underlines/corroborates.

6. A personal testimony/story in line with the theme. A scripture that underlines/corroborates.

7. 1-3 practical applications.

8. Choose three scriptures/passages from the Book of Acts or the New Testament letter that underlines/corroborates.

9. Sum up your message, close and invite.

Don’t forget to be Jesus-focused, make a salvation invitation, invitation for baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing and mobilize the churches for the upcoming festival.

Ps. This guide or blueprint is to be used when preaching in the churches, not on an outreach :).

Good Luck!

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