A new month has started and an entirely new sermon series at SOS Church Stockholm. The series for November is called “Your Story” and is about sharing your journey, miracles and faith with the seekers of Stockholm, our dear capital city. It’s so great to be part of the large gatherings like our mission festivals or Awakening Europe at Friends Arena that we just experienced. We need the mass-meetings, and they are Biblical and important for many reasons.

The Great Commission is not about numbers and how many that have responded to an evangelists invitation at the end of his sermon. It is about baptism in water, baptism in the Holy Spirit and making disciples. It is so important that we continue to share our faith with our relatives, coworkers, neighbors and friends. Our life style in SOS is holy and it keeps us sharp and vital. Here’s a short Bible Study and guide…

Your Story 

1) The Gospel about the blood of Jesus in combination with your story defeats the devil! Rev 12:11 2) The power of the Holy Spirit is directly connected to your story! Acts 1:8 
3) Your story touches and is hard to question! Acts 26:1-32 
4) Be relevant, wise and radical at the same time! Col 4:2-6 
5) Be natural, honest and real! Acts 6:8-10 We need to prioritize what’s most important and keep the course… What’s most important is that we all share our faith with non-Christian and train new disciples on a regular basis and go on missions trips.See ya soon!

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